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Entry points have the same name as the exported pure transformation they lead to.

When passing data from the host to the guest, Wasm is currently limited. To bypass that limit we directly interact with the guest's linear memory. By using pointers and lengths we are able to read and write complex data from and to our module.

Here is an overview of a given execution:

All wrapped transformations must have the same signature:

fn (ret_ptr: u32, input_ptr: u32, input_len: u32) -> ()

All pointers and lengths refer to pointers and lengths of data on the linear memory of our guest.

ret_ptr contains data in a tuple of format (u32, u32) being the pointer and length of HoliumCBOR return payload.

input_ptr and input_len are the pointer and length of the input payload in HoliumCBOR format that should be used to run the transformation.